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About mathematikers




The Mathematikers project is one whose purpose is to develop free virtual assistants for students, teachers, educational institutions and any other entity willing to learn something or educate others. These bots analyze data from different sources in order to find the few results that will answer to your specific needs.
More than simple search engines, these bots are seeking a relationship with users. They adapt to users' needs in order to better assist them in various tasks like preparing a lesson if it is a teacher or preparing an exam if it is a student. The project is not limited to mathematics, as its final purpose is to provide bots that will cover almost every subject, skill, topic and language.

If you join the community today, your contributions (feedbacks, reactions, comments) are going to help the bots' intelligence to naturally increase (without the developers' intervention) and assist the developers in the development of more bots and platforms

Please, note that there are many other ways by which you can contribute to this project. Click here for more informations

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This document was last updated on July 2018 By John N.