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Get involved in the Project

This page will present to you the various ways through which you can support the project and the platform. You will realize that with a bit of will anybody can contribute in one way or the other.

About Mathematikers Project

The Mathematikers project is a project whose goal is to develop extremely intelligent bots that will assist students, teachers, independent learners and institutions from all around the world.

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Become a member of the community: The most basic contribution you can make is by registering as a member of the project on the platform. We accept everybody from everywhere, and it is completely free. The community is always open to new members. As a member of the project your primary task is one of an educator for the bots. Use the search engine as much as possible, browse the maximum of resources on the platform, view the resources that seem interesting, like the ones that seem to be relevant to the topic where they are posted and comment where you think that a better job could have been done. Finally, when you find a useful resource online, share it manually, so that the bot can effectively learn how to select accurate resources.

Get Involved

Apart from educating the bots, there are many ways in which you can support the project, no matter who you are or where you are:

Bring other members: Make the maximum of people around you to get involved in the project, for the more the people contribute, the faster the bots learn and the more accurate are their resource selection process. You can join our communities on social networks and share the platform with your friends.You can also talk about the project with your relatives, classmates or students

Financial contributions: As you might understand, the development of the platform and the various bots requires intellectual, material and financial resources. Without financial support the project is doomed to failure.

There are the 4 main ways to make a financial contribution:

  • Advertise: As a partner you will have the possibility to advertise your own products and services on the platform for FREE for the rest of 2018, but in exchange you will have to make a donation of the amount of your choice to support the project at the end of each month
  • Complete offers: This one is the easiest way to support the project, and almost anybody can do it. You will just have to complete offers provided by a third-party advertisement platform and we will be rewarded. It is comletely free, and almost everybody can participate. The offers consists of simple tasks like completing surveys or watching videos. Every offer that you will complete will contribute to the development of the project.
  • Donate: Anybody can donate to support the project. In fact, by donating you are not just supporting the current project, you are also making a long-term investment in the education of the future generations
  • Purchase: You can also buy a project-related item. It is a very simple and easy way to support the project

Finally, you might also consider to contribute as a developer. Click on the developers link at the footer for more informations

Checking the "Become a partner" checkbox at your subscription will allow you to receive regular updates about contributions and related offers.

Thank you for the time you’ve put aside to read.

This document was last updated on July 2018 By John N.